Monday Hatha Yoga @ 6:00pm  

Monday TrampoLEAN FIT 7:05pm (45mins)

Tuesday Yoga Sculpt @ 6:15am (50mins)

Tuesday Yoga Sculpt @ 6:00pm (50mins)

Tuesday Yoga Sculpt @ 7:00pm (50mins)

Wednesday Barre @6:00pm (45mins)

Wednesday Stretch & Release 7:00pm (45mins)

Thursday TrampoLEAN FIT @ 6:30am (45mins)

Thursday Hatha Yoga @6:00pm

Friday Yoga Sculpt @ 6:15am (50mins)

Friday Hatha Yoga @ 9:30am

Saturday TrampoLEAN Fit 8:15am (45mins)

Saturday Yoga Sculpt @ 9:10am (50mins)

Sunday Hatha Yoga @ 9:00am


2020 Term Dates:

Our classes run along with the ACT school Term. 

Summer mini Term Monday 13th January - Friday 31st of Jan

Term 1 (10 wks) 3rd February- 9th April

Term 2 (10 wks) 27th April - 3rd July

Term3 (10 wks) 20th July- 25th September 

Term 4 (10wks) 12th October - 17th December

47 Things That'll Make It Look Like You

Yoga Sculpt - 50mins

Yoga sculpt is a 50 minute class that is all about lengthening, toning your body and learning to activate the correct muscles. We work with slower and controlled movements which will target specific areas of the body, this class will especially focus around the hips, thighs, butt, abs and arms to create tone, deep definition and stability within your body.

Hatha Yoga - 60 mins

Our hatha yoga is all about improving your strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance static & dynamic endurance. We work on de-stressing and consciously relaxing your body and mind. Throughout the class you will also work with realigning your joints, learning about Chinese meridians and working with your organ health. We finish the class with a relaxing yoga nidra practice.

TrampoLEAN Fit- 45 mins

Designed to get your cardio fix without the impact on your joints and body but we promise it will still leave you sweaty after class. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Enhances digestion & elimination 

  • Stimulates your lymphatic system.

  • Helps tone & improve pelvic floor.

  • Aids in detoxification. 

  • Twice as effective as running.

  • Helps circulate oxygen around the body which increases energy. 

Barre- 45 mins

Barre combines ballet, pilates & yoga. Its a low impact class that focuses on lots of pulse and movement to create a deep burn. This class helps you create those long lean lines while also improving posture and core strength. 

Checking in

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the first class, this enables us to show you around and make sure you are comfortable for the best experience possible. 


We recommend not eating at least 2 hours prior to attending a yoga class. Doing yoga on a full stomach can make the class a lot harder and can also make you feel sick in some positions. 

What to bring

You will need a yoga mat, blanket, and bottle of water. We can provide mats, yoga blocks, straps and pillows if you need them throughout the class. 

What to wear

We recommend wearing light breathable clothing that is easy to move in and most importantly you feel comfortable in. All classes are done in either bare feet or socks. 

Missed class policy

You have 3 hours to cancel your class before then class start time. If you you cancel after the 3 hours you may be charged a fee or forfeit your class from your pass. This is due to Covid & the smaller class sizes.

Online Classes

If you're unable to come into the studio online classes are a great way to get your Bodhifit fix! Classes are live streamed via Zoom and you can also find pre-recorded classes here on the website. Props you may need for online classes are: Hand weights, Ankle weights, yoga mat, strap & block.

Price List

casual class $25

10 class pass $220

Unlimited class pass $420 ($42pw for 10 weeks)

$80 for private sessions 

*Please note that passes and unlimited passes are non-transferable and are valid for 4 months. 


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