Monday Hatha Yoga @ 6:00pm  

Monday TrampoLEAN FIT 7:05pm (45mins)

Tuesday Yoga Sculpt @ 6:15am (50mins)

Tuesday Yoga Sculpt @ 6:00pm (50mins)

Tuesday Yoga Sculpt @ 7:00pm (50mins)

Thursday TrampoLEAN FIT @ 6:30am (45mins)

Thursday Hatha Yoga @6:00pm

Friday Yoga Sculpt @ 6:15am (50mins)

Friday Hatha Yoga @ 9:30am

Saturday Hatha Yoga @ 8:00am

Saturday Yoga Sculpt @ 9:10am (50mins)

Sunday Hatha Yoga @ 9:00am

2020 Term Dates:

Our classes run along with the ACT school Term. 

Summer mini Term Monday 13th Jan -Friday 31st of Jan

Term 1 (10 wks) 3rd February- 9th April

Term 2 (10 wks) 27th April - 3rd July

Term3 (10 wks) 20th July- 25th September 

Term 4 (10wks) 12th October - 17th December

Price List:

Casual class $25

10 class pass $200 (3 month expiry)

Unlimited 10 week pass $400 (can be paid weekly or fortnightly). 

Hatha Yoga - 60 mins

Our hatha yoga is all about improving your strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance static & dynamic endurance. We work on de-stressing and consciously relaxing your body and mind. Throughout the class you will also work with realigning your joints, learning about Chinese meridians and working with your organ health. We finish the class with a relaxing yoga nidra practice.

Yoga Sculpt - 50 mins

Yoga sculpt is a 50 minute class that is all about lengthening, toning your body and learning to activate the correct muscles. We work with slower and controlled movements which will target specific areas of the body, this class will especially focus around the hips, thighs, butt, abs and arms to create tone, deep definition and stability within your body.

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