Clinic Consultations

Sophie is our resident herbalist, yoga teacher and most active class participant. She is passionate about learning about health and wellbeing, and the way you feel on and off the yoga mat. With years of experience, Sophie has an individualised approach with each client, educating them on new ways to improve their health and how to respond to any negative symptoms their body is presenting, and supporting them every step of the way. 


If you feel like your general health could do with some additional help, contact us to arrange a consultation with Sophie today!

Medicinal Herbs

Lymphatic Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage massages are a gentle massage that encourages the movement of the lymph around the body. Receiving a lymphatic massage helps speed a sluggish lymphatic system and helps rid the body of unwanted toxins. 

 Some benefits from the massage:

  • Boosts immune system. 

  • Aids in bloating & digestion.

  • Promotes healing, especially after surgery.

  • Reduces swelling throughout the body.

  • Clearer skin & complexion.

  • An ultra relaxing massage. 

Reiki Treatment