The Bodhifit method...

We thought its time to talk business and explain know a little bit about our classes and some of the benefits you can receive from practicing yoga with us (apart from just gaining flexibility and strength!). We wanted to give you a little bit of an understanding behind our methods and why we do what we do. Below are just a few reasons why you should do yoga and what you will learn and experience from one simple class.

>Perfect for EVERYONE and ANYONE…

Haven’t done yoga before? Our classes are tailored to everyone. Our aim is for everyone to be able to get something out of our classes. We will always make everyone feel comfortable and welcome, no matter their level. Hatha is known as the beginner’s yoga, so each movement is always broken down and explained so that you can have your best experience possible!

> Keeps your body young….

Through all of the breathing, twisting, stretching and strengthening exercises that are done in class, you are keeping your body youthful. Aging starts in the trunk, so when you can breath easily, effortlessly and are able to move your trunk, you slow down the aging process of your body.

>We work with the meridians in Chinese medicine…

Throughout the class you will learn about different meridians that are found throughout your body and which ones you are working with in different asanas (postures).

>We work with your emotions…

Learning to notice your emotions and where you hold them in your body is important. We teach you techniques on how to work with these body parts to remove your negative emotions from your life.

>Learn to breath again…

Due to stresses and emotional tension we all forget to just breath sometimes. You will learn techniques you can practice at home on how to breath clearly, which in turn, will help calm your mind.

>Relieve Stress….

Classes will help detox your mind and body from stress. Just 5 minutes into the class you will notice a sense of calmness.

>Builds your immune system..

Practicing just once a week can help build your immune system and detoxify your body. This improves your vitality.

>Improves sleep…

Yoga is working with your body and mind. It teaches you to relax and release tension in the body, so you always come out of class feeling calm and stress-free. This translates into your sleep and you will find you benefit from a deeper, more relaxed sleep after class.

At Bodhifit we do our classes very differently, we always want you, our students to walk away feeling like you’re learning something new about yourself, and learning different techniques and habits that you are able to implement into your daily life.

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