Meso needling & why we love it!

The Ins and Outs of Meso Needling

Our skin is our largest organ. Every day it regenerates itself by shredding dead skin cells and every 28 days we have a new layer of skin. While here at Bodhifit, we believe health truly begins on the inside – and what you feed your body (through things like a good diet, exercise and positive thought) will shine through to the outside – we also realise that sometimes everyone’s skin needs a little TLC.

At different stages of our lives we’re all likely to suffer from skin conditions such as ageing or age spots, sun damage, stretch marks, uneven skin tones and/or enlarged pores. With countless products and therapies available to treat your skin, it’s hard to know what produces real results.

We started Meso Needling treatments with our favourite girl Ebony a little while back. After just two treatments, we can already say that we LOVE the results. It’s cleared up old acne scarring and underlying acne, healed open pours, dramatically reduced fine lines and boosted our skin’s collagen and quality. Of all the treatments and products we’ve tried over the years (and trust us, there have been a few) nothing comes close to the results we’ve seen through Meso Needling.

How does Meso needling work?

The treatment is conducted with a medical grade digital needling system. This system uses a series of microscopic needles, controlled by a motorised head, which cause tiny micro punctures to the skin, reaching into the dermal and epidermal regions. The treatment then stimulates the growth factors in the skin and creates a posttraumatic response which encourages the skin to produce collagen and elastin. The end result is rejuvenated, youthful looking skin!

What should you expect?

>One session takes about 20-30 minutes.

>A numbing cream is applied all over your face to ensure the experience isn’t too painful. Although be mindful that you might still feel it in delicate areas where the skin is thinner or more tender, like the nose, lips and around the eyebrows.

>Your face is going to get red and swollen, and will most likely bleed in the session. Don’t worry, this is a good thing!

>Following the treatment, your skin will become dry and flaky for a few days. We promise it will improve as each day goes by.

>Allow 4-7 days for your healing time. Your first treatment will take the longer to heal but will significantly reduce after each session.

>Session usually occur once a month.

>It takes around 6 sessions to make your skin feel and look amazing, depending on the current health of your skin.

>TADA! The end result will be absolutely glowing skin!!!

If you’re interested in trying Meso Needling, or want to chat to an expert, we can’t recommend our gal Ebony enough! She is truly talented at what she does and will make sure you get the perfect treatment for your skin. To get in contact with her, simple flick us an email at with your details and we will put you in touch :).