We are so excited to announce a BRAND-NEW class starting in term 2.

Introducing TrampoLEAN FIT – our brand-new trampoline classes!

Created and refined by Bodhifit owner Cheyenne Novak, TrampoLEAN FIT fuses cardio and sculpt to give you a low impact, high intensity workout. Much like our sculpt classes, we’ll also be focusing on legs, arms and core to give you a full body workout – the difference? It’s using a trampoline, of course.

Classes are just 45 minutes and are way more fun than your regular forms of cardio like jogging, rowing or the elliptical (yawn). They give you that runners high we all crave, without actually having to run, and without the associated stress it puts on your joints.

In fact, the trampolines we’re using are a specialised kind known as rebounded or bungee trampolines. They have more elasticity than regular spring trampolines and provide an exceptionally smooth bounce that has almost no impact on your joints and ligaments. This deeper, gentler bounce, allows your muscles to work harder, without strain.

TrampoLEAN FIT is designed to burn calories and help sculpt and tone your muscles at the same time. In fact, bouncing on a trampoline almost doubles the number of calories you burn running, and keeps them burning for 24 hours post class. And while the bouncing movement alone helps to work your core, we’ll also be throwing in a few muscle toning exercises to ensure you get the most out of each and every class.

Like all classes at Bodhifit Studio, TrampoLEAN FIT also has a range of incredible health benefits. These include improving your digestion, flushing toxins from your body, and increasing blood flow and oxygen levels to boosts your immunity and leave you feeling and looking younger.

That’s not the mention the positive effect all of the endorphins you’ll get from class are going to have on your mental health.

And if you’re a mum afraid of the effect this might have on your weakened pelvic floor, never fear! We know bouncing isn’t easy, so we’ll be making a conscious effort to strengthen your pelvic muscles every single week.

TrampoLEAN FIT will be running every Thursday 6:30am. Spots are limited so don’t wait any longer. Book into your first TrampoLEAN class now!

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