Do you suffer from brain fog?

In today’s diet there are large quantities of fructose being consumed it’s a sugar used in many processed foods, it fails to make us feel full and can even make us hungrier. Fructose is six times sweeter than glucose, when you eat fructose it triggers the production of your brains natural opioid chemicals and it makes it harder for other parts of your brain to work and connect properly.

State of mind supercedes everything. One of the most efficient techniques to re-wire the brain is meditation, guided visualizations and future projection – silencing the monkey mind as we do in our Yoga Nidra, but some people can’t because they have brain fog, or their brain chemistry is out.

To have healthy brain chemistry, maintain positive thoughts about ourselves we have to watch how much fructose we can consume in our diet. Some common triggers for brain fog are:

· Fructose

· low function in our microbiome (Digestive imbalances, weak gut flora).

· Dehydration

· Lack of movement

· Stress and inflammation

· Heavy metals and Atmospheric toxicity (biological and chemical stress)

· Pharmaceutical side effects

We are all different and we digest fructose and other environmental conditions differently. This depends on how well our liver and other bodily organ functions digest the above mentioned. Some people find when they remove fructose from their diet, they will notice a difference on their emotional outlook, they will experience clearer brain clarity, less bouts of fogginess, mental tiredness, emotional stress, argumentativeness, restlessness and lack of mental peace. Some people have problems with withdrawal symptoms when they remove fructose and it’s hard for them to stay away as it acts like a drug.

Fructose appears in beer, wine, fruits, table sugar, soft drink, fast foods and most packed commercial foods like bakery products. Ingredients can list like cane sugar, juice, syrup agave, honey, fruit purees, dates, dried fruit, high-fructose corn syrup and the list goes on. The liver plays a crucial role on the metabolism of fructose and is the primary organ affected by overconsumption in conjunction with the brain. It can be worse for some people who are experiencing even slight liver dysfunction. Here at Bodhifit Clinic we specialize in helping people balance their brain chemistry by showing you ways to have better emotional health and mental stability. If you feel like you go through stages where life feels hard and everything is an effort maybe your brain chemistry is out and that is supporting this kind of thinking. We can help you ignite that passion back into your life.

Ways to improve your brain chemistry/brain fog

· Trail removing all fructose from your diet and see what work for you.

· Excise movement is so good for your brain.

· Breathing can change your brain chemistry - Yoga breathing.

· Herbal tonics can improve your hardware by protecting from oxidation, inflammation and assisting in delivery of nutrients and removal of waste.

· Good fats in our diet as our brain work best on good fats.

· Hydration.

· Being out in nature.

And sometimes diet is not always about what you eat, it’s what you pay attention to, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang out with and the things you subject your mind and soul to. Your “diet” takes into account all the things you put in your body, emotionally, physically and spiritually.