Why you should consider doing a cleanse with us

Do you continually experiencing uncomfortable symptoms that never go away? Are you struggling to lose those few extra kilos you may have accidentally put over winter (hey, you’re only human!)?  A cleanse might be exactly what your body is yearning for – a way to remove these symptoms permanently!  Not only that, a cleanse also helps to improve the functions of your organs by detoxifying your stomach, liver, kidneys and refocusing your immune system.  Let’s delve into this a little further. Normal organs in healthy people work like an engine that is running in top gear. For these people, waking up in the morning feels good! There are no aches or pains, no sinus blockages, clear skin, no bloating and regular bowel movements  Now doesn’t that sound like the kind of way you want to start your day?  Undertaking a cleanse can not only help with effective organ function but can also help to provide your body with a buffer against environmental factors such as petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are items we come into contact with daily, such as plastics (BPA), pesticides in fruit and vegetables, shampoos, deodorants and soaps.  When we’re tired, under stress or run down with illness, it’s much easier for chemicals to invade our bodies and cause pain and inflammation to our organs. Our bodies don’t know what to do with these foreign chemicals, so they end up circulating around in our lymph system (this is like our bodies garbage truck). That’s why we do cleanses – to help eliminate these toxins in our organs and bodies. A cleanse isn’t scary! It’s simply changing what you eat for a few weeks and taking herbs and homoeopathic medicine to help unload the immune system. You’ll gently and consistently remove chemicals and toxins from your body and improve your organ function so that you can reduce symptoms or even be symptom-free within 40 days. Now, we understand that, while simple, it can be hard to do a cleanse, especially on your own, and it takes A LOT of will power. That’s why, at Bodhifit, we’re running a 40-day cleanse program and support group.  Not only will you get our custom cleanse kit and detailed instructions, you’ll also be supported with a closed Facebook group, where there will be regular check-ins from Sophie and Chey, constant and advice and a place where you can ask any and all the questions you wish (or to simply get the extra nudge you need to help you stay on track).  After the Summer fun its great to do a cleanse so we are aiming to start our 40 day cleanse on Monday the 2nd of March. If you’re interested in trying our cleanse or would like further information, get into contact with us today!