November 11, 2019

Yoga Practice and Personal Development

Personal development (personal growth, self-growth or self development ) spans across the different spheres of human life, from social interaction, business and career, physical health, environmental appreciation, to spiritual consciousness. 

Personal development is ongoing daily refinement of life competency skills, which add value and quality to one's life.  The experience is a realised, happier and balanced person who daily maintains confidence and enthusiasm to tackle a chaotic and ever-changing world.

Personal development is about growing the seed of our inner abilities and potentials.  It is about creating a balanced and complete self in harmony with our life purposes, through the optima...

April 23, 2019

We are so excited to announce a BRAND-NEW class starting in term 2. 

Introducing TrampoLEAN FIT – our brand-new trampoline classes! 

Created and refined by Bodhifit owner Cheyenne Novak, TrampoLEAN FIT fuses cardio and sculpt to give you a low impact, high intensity workout. Much like our sculpt classes, we’ll also be focusing on legs, arms and core to give you a full body workout – the difference? It’s using a trampoline, of course. 

Classes are just 45 minutes and are way more fun than your regular forms of cardio like jogging, rowing or the elliptical (yawn). They give you that runners high we all crave, without actually having to run, and without the associated stress it puts on your joints. 

In fact, the trampolines we’re using...

February 25, 2019

Legs up against the wall pose – Viparita Karani

This is a great restorative pose that allows the entire mind and body to relax, relieving any tension or stress within the body. It super easy and can be done at home or even on your bed!

How to?

Start by lying next to a wall or on your bed (our favourite) with your legs up against the headboard or wall. 

Next, shimmy your hips as close to the wall as possible then start walking your feet up until your body is in a somewhat L shaped position. Make the adjustments you need to feel relaxed. For example, if you need a pillow under your head to feel more supported, then don’t be afraid to grab one and get comfortable. 

Finally, really bring your focus to your breath, slowly taking deep brea...

February 25, 2019

At Bodhifit Studio, we love to incorporate traditional Chinese meridian stretching into our classes. Not only does it help to improve our flexibility, it also helps our organs to function optimally. 

As we sprint towards the end of Summer, Chinese medicine tells us that there are a couple of organs which tend to suffer most at this time of year – the stomach and the spleen. This is because we’re coming down from the summer high that usually includes a little extra food and alcohol (and who can blame us, it’s the perfect time of year for poolside parties and backyard barbeques!).  

The stomach and spleen are the two primary organs for digestion. The spleen also plays a major in both the immune and lymph systems as it helps to...

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